Chosen by love. I think.

When I think of being chosen by love…I think specifically. I think of checking out TED Talks together and discussing topics related to our respective ambitions. He dreams. I think about his humor and laughing with me in the evening even if nothing went in his favor all day. He is optimistic. I think of his kindness and how he will show compassion when I’m wrong. He’s gracious. I think about his relationship with God and discussing personal realities of Christianity versus our humanity. He submits. I think about his imperfections and how we both desire to do things God’s way but also deal daily with the nips and tucks of the world’s way. He prays. I think about his work and how his purpose gives him energy. He lives. I think about him thinking of my well being above his own. He provides. I think about how he helps those in need even when no one is looking. He serves. I think about his value of family and his contribution to community. He leads. I think about this man who is imperfect but manages to love me above mine. He is wise. I think about our love surviving by grace. When I think of being chosen by love…I think specifically.


Katherine ūüíē


Discover “it”…Do what you love!

5 years ago I was laid off from a corporate job and I am glad about it. Well, now I am.¬†To be honest; the transition of losing a job, fear of financial instability, and the thought of¬†in some way failing¬†was not easy to get through at first.¬†Over these 5 years and counting I have¬†realized how that lay off was the best thing that could have happened to me. That experience pushed me into doing what I love and what gives me energy. The clues were always there but for the sake of normalcy I suppressed dreams, goals, and my outrageous thoughts to be normal. Well, when normal made the choice for me it became the best time to explore those thoughts, dreams, and goals that were lying¬†dormant while I was busy being normal. Then doors flew open for me to help children, women, non-profit organizations, and others. Connecting with¬†individuals and forming relationships has been one of the greatest gifts in what I am privileged to do. Before this part of my journey I was more of a caterpillar versus the more purposeful and social butterfly that I¬†have¬†bloomed to be. I don’t hesitate to do the work to help and empower others no matter what my title or role consists. Not only does it give me energy but serving others is a beautiful expression of love and humility. I also¬†rediscovered my passion for writing and¬†started to living¬†out my dream as a published author. So far this has been a journey for the books (no pun intended). I am embracing where I am now while looking forward to the next phases of my life and career. I am expecting more books, more opportunities, and most of all¬†more lives being helped by messages that I have been chosen to give in some way.

Your¬†push may not¬†come¬†packaged in the form of a lay off but a wise man once¬†said,¬†“the clue is in what gives you energy.”¬†Explore that, discover it, and do what you love. Everything else will follow! I promise…

Be Beautiful,

Katherine White


2014 Little Girls and Their Ponytails Book Tour. I was prepping to present the Beautiful and Wonderful Me Workshop!

Many little girls only know hate…

Too many little girls¬†only know hate. Mom hates who she¬†is¬†so she doesn’t have an example of a women who loves herself.¬†Statistically only 11% of girls identify¬†with being beautiful. Yes hate! Often taught¬†without saying a word.¬†I know this is¬†harsh but¬†little¬†girls who attempt to commit suicide or¬†to harm themselves because they hate apart of who they are¬†is harsh.¬†It is painful to¬†face this¬†reality¬†affecting too many little girls. We must openly state the problem¬†to¬†rescue generations of girls from drowning in a pool of self-hate. Girls with a foundation of¬†self-love are progressive in education, relationally, and socially. They are likely to be leaders, care for others, and reach goals.¬†People who don’t love who they are, do not care about how they live. Too many little girls only know hate. How will they know love? The mission is simple. Teach self-love. Church…are you willing? Teachers…do you care? Parents…is teaching girls self-love necessary?