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Sunny Smiles builds a relationship with each client to capture their vision and to join together as a team. Sunny Smiles never compromises the creativity or integrity of a client’s message. Our client’s stories are unique but each shares passion and dedication to their messages. We work together to complete each project and the results have been wonderful. Please check them out!

Kita could not imagine life getting any better. As she rode home on her red and white huffy bike with the wind blowing in her hair and a smile on her face. Kita was thankful for her new friends, new home, and the zip line.

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Being a Christian that is single is a tough task in these times due to the tremendous amount of distractions all around. From the pressures of having premarital sex, being a size 0, and being alone on a Friday night (while it is raining and there is nothing on the television while you are snuggled in bed alone…oh sorry.. focus) are just a view things that can affect the productiveness of a single person in the Kingdom of God. In this book, I will share several personal testimonies from my journey as a single woman as I have learned to wait on God. When a single person yields them self to the Holy Spirit, for the use of the Kingdom, you will be amazed by the testimonies you will be able to share. Instead of me forgetting all the wonderful, supernatural things God has done in and through my life, I wanted to write all of them down to pass on to other single Christians. I believe it is an extremely important task to pass on to others what God can and will do for us if we learn to wait on Him (like a waiter) while we are in the process of waiting (for marriage)! The purpose of this book is to motivate singles to lean on God for everything, whether big or small. God loves us dearly and He wants to see us prosper. Singleness is a beautiful thing and should definitely be valued as it is a blessing from God- whether you are single for a season or a lifetime.

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This book of poetry is a unique walk through an interesting year of feelings captured through unfiltered journal entries. The Author hopes to entertain, inspire, and make the reader think as they read this journal of feelings.

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