I am not my hair

“I am not my hair” but I am ask about my hair all of the time? When did you “go” natural? Why did you cut it? Why won’t you do this to it or like that?…I would rarely reveal my own natural hair although it has not been relaxed in 7ys. I would wear weave or braids 95% of the time. Defeated the purpose. It was true. I wasn’t my hair. I was any and everything but my hair. While I have been spreading the message of self-love I had been covering a part of myself. My hair. I love myself but for some time I had a love hate relationship with my hair. So one day I made a decision. A decision to be bold. To do what I wanted to do without concerning myself with what others might say or think. To wear my hair in the natural state I had to be drastic in my approach because I wanted to. I needed a change. I needed to see and feel my natural texture more often. I wanted to get to know my curls. Cutting my hair was freeing. In addition to boldness. It represented change and transition for me. My life literally changed after my hair decision. While “I am not my hair” I am a different woman since I cut my hair. For now I am enjoying it. My goal is not to be my hair but to be true to who I am. Hair. No hair. Braids or weave. Just me. As naturally and as authentically as I can be.

Be Beautiful,

Katherine White



“I am not my hair” by the lovely India.Arie

Photo quote…Coco Chanel

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