Everybody has the body to love…

When I vacation on the beach I often reflect and write. Connect with God and with nature. Plus I have a blast! On my last vacation I wasn’t at my lowest or even ideal weight but I decided some time ago to love myself consistently. When I’m up, down, long hair, big hair, no hair, etc. So I did. After I saw this photo, I posted it on social media and journaled. Define your own beauty. Don’t wait to be an expected standard of beauty , weight, height, or whatever. Improvement is great but don’t wait and miss out on how beautiful you are now.



Be Beautiful,

Katherine White

4 thoughts on “Everybody has the body to love…

  1. I agree so much with what you said, we might not be perfect but it doesn’t mean we are not beautiful.. Embrace who you are and you will free yourself!!

  2. You are my idol!!! I’ve struggled with my weight and feeling ugly my entire life. It’s a constant battle and I just don’t feel confident at all. I admire you and anyone else who just has that confidence. I am working on myself and taking baby steps. Please keep posting!

    • Thank you so much…I am honored to share my experiences in hopes of being a light in some way.

      Bravo for baby steps! That is amazing! We choose to love others so why not choose to love ourselves? Even after years of struggling or battling. Healthy self-love leads to wholeness. Please keep following as I continue posting from my experiences and truth. I hope to be a light of encouragement.

      Be Beautiful!!!

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