Silence. Self. Love.

My days are filled with noise. Noises like the alarm clock or sounds of cars in traffic. Noises like encouragement or discouragement. Lovers or haters. Then there is noise that I create on purpose. I sing. I talk out loud. Even when no one else is around. I listen to music. All noise. I go to public places when I am writing, editing, researching, or studying. I do my best work on projects with noise. I have spent time living and traveling alone. I have learned the value of silence in those times. I do my best work on me in silence. In quiet times I learn about myself. Loving myself. I reflect on the real me. Who I am when no one is around to judge or to congratulate me. I ponder on why I react, feel, or see things in one way or another. I ponder. I celebrate. I acknowledge progress and growth. I pray. I pray to continue doing the good things and for help to do better or stop doing the not so good things. I reflect on how I feel about myself. I think of whether I have been slacking in areas or being too hard on myself in other areas. I think about whether I have allowed others to influence my personal thoughts about myself. So much happens in silence. My goal in silence is to be present and aware of who I am outside of the noise. Not to fill every moment of my days with noise. Silence helps me to see my true self, love my true self, and explore the areas that can be better…

Be Beautiful,

Katherine White image

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