Healthy self-love…

After losing a significant amount of weight I developed insecurities that I never had. I thought that was strange. Then after gaining some of the weight that I had lost. I developed a different set of insecurities. Also strange. I am now in a good place. A place of self-love and acceptance. In my up, downs, and in betweens I love me.  I started setting goals to just be my best self and to be good to me.  I’m using my own transformation as motivation. I loved myself in the photo from 2009. I was a model and everything. Yep! Couldn’t tell me a thing. Over the years I have become significantly healthier. My story is still being written and every day I strive to be better than I was. I have learned that healthy living starts inside. The external results are just enhancements to the beauty that takes place internally…

Be Beautiful,

Katherine White


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