Teach Self-love…

I firmly believe that a foundation of self-love is essential for life. I had the pleasure of spending the last few months with a group of girls, ages 4-11yrs old, who attended the Beautiful and Wonderful Me Workshop. I typically open the sessions by asking the girls their name, their Happy Word (chosen in the 1st session), and what they love most about themselves. In the first session girls were either unsure or answered with shoes or a piece of clothing instead of a personal characteristic. In the last session 95% of the girls said they loved their hair most and the other 5% still chose something like their smile or eyes. Absolutely beautiful! Huge difference…Self-love is taught and unfortunately so is self-hate often through silence. I am grateful that we were able to teach self-love through these sessions. During the Beautiful and Wonderful Me Workshop we saturate girls with self-love, true beauty, and affirmations from music choices to dialogue, activities, and décor. All of this helps to shape her view of herself to love everything about who she is! We did it! I am so excited for these beautiful and wonderful girls. How will you teach self-love today?  


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